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Mary Conrad,
Mary Ann LaMonte and Mary Graybiel




Tuesday Musicale

Programs & Board Meetings are cancelled for September & October. The fundraiser on October 30th has been cancelled.


Board Meeting Sept. 8th
in room 20, 1:00

Tuesday Sept. 15th
12:00 desserts and salads, program
1:00 Men of Grace Chairperson, Dodie Berry

Board Meeting Oct. 6th in room 20,
1:00 Meeting at an Art Center in Highland.   
We will probably gather in parking lot to go in groups to this art event. 
NO MEETING AT CUMC     1:00 Chairperson Lyn Schwartz

Board Meeting (Election Day)   Nov. 3rd
in room 20 at 1:00

Tuesday Nov. 10th,
1:00 in the Sanctuary   Meadowbrook Trio      
Chairperson Martha Windscheif

Board Meeting Dec. 1st in room 20, 1:00

Tuesday December 8th at 7:30 in the Sanctuary     
Chorus and Bells Chairperson Mary Ann LaMonte




February 2 Board Meeting 1:00 in room 20

February 7th   Sunday
3:00 in the Sanctuary   Spotlight on Youth      Oakland Youth Orchestra members Chairperson Martha Windscheif

March 2   Board Meeting
1:00 in room 20

March 9 Scholarship Winners  
7:30 in Sanctuary 
Need piano in the middle, please Chairperson Carolyn Thibideau

April 6th Board Meeting  
1:00 in room 20
April 13th   Bellissima!  
In Fellowship Hall at 7:30 Chairperson Carol Feinthel

May 4th   Board Meeting  
1:00 in room 20

May 11th   Luncheon   Chorus and Bells
NOON   piano opened on stage Chairperson Mary Ann LaMonte

June 15th    Board Meeting in Parlor at noon

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